Feeding Families

Unemployment and poverty disproportionately affect African Americans (black people) making combatting hunger even harder.

  • Poverty rates for African Americans are more than twice that of white, non-Hispanic individuals.
  • 9% of African Americans live in deep poverty (less than 50% of the federal poverty threshold)

Equally Yoked Foundation believes that in a food-rich nation like the United States, no one should go hungry; yet the rates of food insecurity were much higher for households headed by African Americans (19.1 percent — two and a half times the rate for white non-Hispanic households (7.9 percent). Due to generations of policies with unequal outcomes, some communities experience hunger even more severely. Ending hunger and poverty through policy, therefore, is closely linked to racial equity. Today, people of color are disproportionately surrounded by food deserts. The USDA defines food deserts as, “areas with limited access to affordable nutritious food”.
• Only 8% of African Americans have a grocery store in their census tract.
• 24% of African Americans, 17% of Latinos, and 13% of Asian Americans do not own cars, making grocery shopping more time-consuming.
• Food stores in communities of color are often further away and have fewer healthy high quality options.

Children’s physical health and brain development depend on them being well-fed, particularly in the earliest years of life. Hunger and malnutrition jeopardize children’s health, development, education and career readiness. Yet more than 1 in 6 children—12.5 million—live in food-insecure households. Equally Yoked Foundation is committed to working with programs that will provide the necessary meals that these families with and without children so desperately need. Remaining social while maintaining physical distance in order to help as many families with and without children as possible, Equally Yoked Foundation’s “Feeding Families” along with “Seth’s House” remain on the ground adhering to the CDC social distancing guidelines in the greater Kansas City Metro Area making door to door food deliveries. Our goal is to feed those that are food insecure based on financial burden, illness and disease, or environmental problems. This includes people from birth to 100 years old. While “Feeding Families” serves the underserved, underprivileged, homeless and hungry; “Seth’s House” supports people living with illness and disease. We are passionate about serving the community. If you know a person or group that is in need of a little extra support please email feedingfamilies@weareequallyyoked.org

Feeding Families & Seth’s House

In a food-rich nation like the United States, no one should go hungry. Equally Yoked Foundation is committed to working with programs that will provide the necessary meals that these men, women, and families so desperately need. We are looking for volunteers, sign up here
    Do you live or work in the Greater Kansas City Metro area and want to give back to families with or without children in the community? Can you commit to wearing full PPE gear (provided by Equally Yoked) and using your own car once a week to drop off food to families with and without children that are in need? Are you a business that wants to be a part of giving back to the community but you don't know how? If you answered yes to any of these questions select whichever applies.



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