Genesis 24 happens to be the longest chapter in Genesis and from it we learn a great deal about finding a godly mate. To sum it up... This is the verse in the bible where Abraham is in search for a wife for Isaac. He doesn't actually conduct the search himself but commissions his chief servant to do it.  When seeking a godly mate, God's purposes and will must guide the process. A mate may or may not be seen like a need, but the primary need is doing God's will and completing the work he called one to do. This work will be greatly affected by the person one marries. It has been said that the most important decision that people make after following Christ is who they will marry.  

Equally Yoked Foundation's Genesis 24 will choose 1 person per year that we assist in the search for a godly match. Genesis 24 is the Master's plan -out of the box- blueprint that is specifically designed and catered to the beliefs, purpose, life experiences, needs, wants, and desires of that partner who is not perfect but who is perfect for you. This process is about dating with intention. It is about experiencing and observing, about discernment and resonance in what you have to offer your potential partner and what they have to offer you. It is about the beauty of courtship and thoughtfulness. Vulnerability is a strength and therefore you will lead with courage as a pinnacle virtue. Genesis 24 is a documented and recorded process to not only be exposed to the one that God has been preparing you for this entire time, but also to inspire others that may be holding themselves back from achieving a great connection.

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