A Lesson In White Fragility

Conversations that need to be had

An underrepresented black presence on a social emotional strategy based internet show led to a discussion which came from verified false claims made by a white contestant about a black contestant. These are the important & most often redirected conversations that need to be had in order to ignite true change in the world. Often times we see & we will see in this clip that when white people are confronted with their own shortcomings, other white people (friends/family/colleagues) often shut down the dialogue – or frame themselves as victims. While we may or may not understand intentionality- the response to this contestants experience by her fellow contestant mates invalidated her experience as a black woman- white fragility erupts. Many times the white person explains that she was misunderstood and then angrily withdraws. She is unable to see herself in racial terms, refuses to engage further and positions herself as the one being tested unfairly…while others run to defend her by reexplaining “what she really meant”. The point of the feedback is now lost & more often than not no one appears concerned for the black contestant.

Along with spreading & sharing the gospel & Gods love for us all… My life’s purpose is to make visible the inevitable racist (whether overt or covert) assumptions held, and patterns displayed, by white people conditioned from living in a white supremist culture. When these patterns are named or questioned, many times there are predictable responses. The responses begin with a set of unexamined assumptions, which, when questioned, trigger various emotions, which activate some expected behaviors. These behaviors are then justified by numerous claims. Some of these responses, emotions, behaviors, & claims are illustrated in this recent eruption of white fragility. Please read ‘White Fragility’ Written by Robin DiAngelo & M. E. Dyson, Narrated by Amy Landon.

Be quick to listen & slow to speak. Know when to end the conversation & know that God is Willing & works through you & if you’re blessed enough to have another opportunity to educate. Please do! #iSTAND #BlackLivesMatter #KeepTalking

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